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신문을 읽는 남자


알엔지는 한식 문화를 세계에 널리 알리고,

한국의 맛을 세계에 전파 하는 대한민국 기업 입니다.  

 We, R&G , are a Korean company that spreads Korean

food culture and the taste of Korea to the world.

R&G Corp. will be a company that makes a healthy history for the future.

We have been doing our best for the health and happiness of our customers and society since our establishment. Now, we have been creating a new taste culture through 'assi', which is a representative Korean food brand in overseas markets. We are developing into a company that is loved by the new society by providing new value to customers with healthy and clean new product launches. R&G Corp, In order to take the second leap, we are concentrating our core competencies on developing innovative products and strive to secure global competitiveness. In order to grow into a first-class Korean food exporter in a rapidly changing business environment, we need to take a new level of effort.

사장님 싸인.png






RNG Co., Ltd. created a wordmark-type brand with the motif of <Leap> identity to promote its focus on the trade business of developing and sourcing Korean food and to become a global leader leading K-Food around the world by developing its own brand in the future.


We designed a logo type that can realize a progressive corporate image that leaps toward the future, and additionally developed the slogan "NO.1 SOURCE OF KOREAN FOODS" to clearly recognize our business contents and goal consciousness.

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